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You can rely on us for complete mental health counseling. We offer support for those struggling with obsessive compulsive disorder, PTSD, trauma, sexual abuse, and other mental health disorders. Experience the relief you have been searching for as we explore your past and make plans for your bright and promising future.


 - Marriage and relationships

 - Women's health

 - Grief

 - Anger management

 - Co-Dependency


Our creative and interactive approach is sure to engage you on every level.

We use a unique approach to address all of your mental health needs and provide the support, encouragement, and professional assistance you need to function in a way that best suits the way your mind works.

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Additional counseling for:

Mental health counseling

We listen to you—really listen. Let us share in your concerns and frustrations and make positive suggestions that will help you move forward. You don't have to feel trapped in your emotions. Let us provide ways for you to break through your moods and feel the power and control you deserve.

Depression, anxiety, and mood disorders

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Trauma is the emotional response to those experiences in life which we internalize as a threat to our physical, emotional and/or spiritual stability.  It involves intense fear, helplessness and in some intense situations horror.   Some of the symptoms are:


•        Flashbacks

•        Nightmares

•        Memory Loss

•        Moments of intense fear and insecurity when things appear calm in your life

•        Anxiety

•        Depression


You no longer need to continue living in fear and desperation; Life Strategies Counseling Center is a safe place for you to begin the healing process for your past hurts, pains and fears through:


•        Relaxation Techniques

•        Psychoeducation

•        Journaling

•        EMDR

•        EFT

•        Compassion and Positive Regard


Click Here for more information on trauma.

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